Wasatch Ayurveda & Yoga is a place nurturing minds and bodies in Sugar House.

Wasatch Ayurveda & Yoga is a family run rejuvenation center offering professional services to those seeking balance of mind and body.


Learn about the Five Elements and how they interact on external and internal levels. Ayurveda is where Spirit and Science come together.


Find your Doshic Constitution and learn ways to stay in balance with nature.
Transform old patterns of being into new habits of healing.


Continue on the Ayurvedic path
with your daily ritual.
Recipes, routine guidelines,  herbal formulas, and more are here to help you.


Located in the heart of Sugar House, we are founded on the principles of self study, self practice, and devotion. We are passionate not only about Yoga, but also about the Vedic philosophies and sciences that accompany Yoga, including Ayurveda and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). The deep incorporation and integration of  these practices is what makes our space unique, and a very treasured part of the Salt Lake valley.

Search the depths of what lies beneath, and discover a practice that will become your lifelong companion. We are here to learn, grow, communicate, and support each other along each of our individual journeys, no matter what walk of life one may come from. Let this be a place for you to study, practice, and grow. Let this be a place for you to find rest, and peace within.

Become balanced and find harmony with Nature. Let Wasatch Ayurveda guide you down the path of healing, and help you discover the magic that lives in all things.


 “We must learn to die daily to the known and limited, accepting our outer lives are but an offering to the inner spirit. Then everyday will be a new birth into eternity.”

David Frawley