Our Teachers

We are proud and supportive of our teachers here at Wasatch Ayurveda & Yoga. Our teachers each offer amazing gifts and talents, and our community would not be the same without them. Read through their bios to find out a little bit of what makes their magic, and make sure you join them for class at the studio!

Carla Anderson

our teachers - carla anderson

  • Carla began practicing yoga in 2007 and has since completed 500 hours of advanced studies in Alignment Yoga, based in Madison, Wisconsin. As the only Alignment Yoga instructor in Utah, she appreciates sharing its unique therapeutic tools and techniques to help others develop more stability, ease, and resilience in both body and mind. Carla’s classes are customized to cultivate mindfulness and flow of vitality in the body with attention to optimal alignment, breath, and inner awareness. She has trained in trauma-sensitive yoga and kids yoga and became a Reiki Master in 2015, all of which have deepened her yoga practice and instruction. In addition to teaching private sessions and public group classes throughout SLC, she also teaches at Huntsman Cancer Wellness Center and for Osher Lifelong Learning at the University of Utah, and she serves as Director of School Programs for GreenTREE Yoga, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, bringing yoga into elementary school classrooms. Off the mat, Carla loves studying Ayurveda, preparing healthy food, exploring the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with friends, family, and felines.

Hannah Dunford

our teachers - Hannah Dunford

  • Hannah became a doula and started studying midwifery at age eighteen. She has been attending births all her life, since she was born at home along with her all of her five siblings. She apprenticed with many midwives (CPM’s and CNM’s) in Utah, Oregon and Arizona assisting in many home births and birth-centers births. In 2010 she had beautiful experiences doing midwifery volunteer work in and out of hospitals in Haiti and The Domincan Republic. Shortly after passing the NARM board exam in 2012 and becoming a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), she left to serve a full-time eighteen month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Upon returning she spent the summer working as a behavioral health technician at a troubled teen boys facility in southern Arizona. She then moved to Utah, became Licensed (LDEM) and practiced as a staff midwife at the Birthing Your Way birth center for nearly two years. She now has a home birth midwifery practice here in Salt Lake City. Yoga, meditation, dancing, rhythm and movement of the body in general have been some of her life-long loves. She participated and taught many forms of dance throughout her  life. Early in 2016 she finished the 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through Utah Prenatal Yoga and has thoroughly enjoyed teaching yoga and seeing its benefits ever since! “Bringing the soul into unity with The Divine through yoga has been and remains to be the most blissful, challenging, expansive, and peace-inducing journey of my life. I feel it an honor and a joy to share in this journey with all like-minded seekers of enlightenment.

James Hardy

our teachers - James Hardy

  • James’ yoga journey began in high school when his mother “dragged” him to a power class in preparation for the upcoming LaCrosse season.  Years later he would find himself a regular student and eventually a certified instructor.  James teaches studio yoga classes, private instruction and group yoga classes at a therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys, at various recovery centers and at elementary schools with the after school program Arts Kids.  His teaching styles include: power flow, restore, pranayama, yin and meditation.  James has created a yoga brand with his partner and fellow yoga teacher Shazzy Tapias called “One Love Yoga” with an online store, monthly blog and info on weekly classes, monthly events and annual retreats.       

    For James surfing serves as a beautiful metaphor for yoga: “It is the opportunity to grab your mat, dive deep into yourself and practice finding the balance and strength needed to ride the waves of life.  The more you practice, the more you will find yourself in the tube; the universe swirling around you so fast it stills to a quiet hum as you come to a state of awareness and harmony with your mind, body and soul.”

Jana Bobo

our teachers - Jana Bobo

  • Jana is a Utah native who has been practicing Kalari and Ashtanga at WA&Y for 2 and a half years. She was able to journey to India last spring where she was able to study Kalari in Chennai with Shaji K John and at ENS Kalari with E.S. Narayanan Embrantir Gurukkal in Kochi. Jana is an avid fan of herbal medicine, raising chickens, being a mother of teenage children, and her big dogs. She is excited to begin the yoga teacher training program at WA&Y very soon!

Kat Murray

our teachers - Kat Murray

  • Katherine is currently a pre-social work major at the University of Utah, who has a dream of combining counseling with art therapy and yoga. Kat started practicing yoga as a teenager, taking yoga classes throughout her schooling and eventually travelling across the world to Goa, India, where she completed a 200 hr. RYT Hatha course. Kat has also led wilderness therapy programs in Kanab, Utah, and loved the experience of teaching the kids yoga in the mornings to help them ground down into nature and practice mindfulness. Immersing her practice in these ways opened her eyes to the beauty of connection and community that yoga presents, and inspired her to pursue her teaching career. To spread healing and light is the practice of yoga, and Kat does exactly this through each experience.

Kavita Bianchetti 

our teachers - Kavita Bianchetti 

  • “I am from South West India and come from a family that has been practicing yoga and Ayurveda as daily rituals for as long as I remember. I have only recently begun to realize it’s benefits in daily life in all aspects physical, mental, social and spiritual.
    I have been training with some of the best Yogi’s I know of and I strive always to learn and impart even more.
    In my classes you can expect to get personal attention from the slightest of pose corrections, to adapting a pose to suit what you need and your personal preferences.”

Micha’ela Hori

our teachers - Micha'ela Hori

  • “I’m a student from Salt Lake City who loves to learn and experience new things. I have practiced yoga my whole life, even in times when I didn’t realize it. My primary practice is Ashtanga, and I’ve been a dedicated Ashtangi for 3 years now. While my heart lies in this practice, I have a deep love for all types of yoga and its sister practices, such as Ayurveda and Jyotish. I’ve studied and trained here in Salt Lake, as well as Mysore, India with my teacher Barath Shetty of Indea Yoga. Yoga has led me to amazing people and places – including Wasatch Ayurveda & Yoga. Join me at the studio for a great time! Let’s work together to cultivate more peace, more compassion, and more harmony.”                                  

Paramatma Kaur

our teachers - Paramatma Kaur

  • Paramatma Kaur has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2000. She is Level 1 certified by the Kundalini Research Institute and teaches Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. In early 2014, her interest in Ayurveda took her practice to a new level as she began to study and implement the sister science into her life. Her classes take an approach that allows students to feel at ease as she guides them through Kundalini Yoga kriyas, pranayama and meditation. She strives to challenge her students to transform themselves, allowing them to embrace life through a new sense of awareness. Satnam.

Stacee Calderon

our teachers - Stacee Calderon

  • Stacee has had many experiences throughout her life which have led her to become a RYT 200.  From a very young age she developed a great love for dance which she was able to enjoy through college and beyond.  She also has a deep interest in Human Anatomy which influenced her to pursue a Bachelor’s in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. She has been working as an MRI Technologist for 14 years, 8 of which have been at the University of Utah Hospital.  She has practiced yoga on and off since 2004.  During the past 3 years she began a more regular practice of yoga and truly began to see that it not only helped her physically but even moreso emotionally and mentally.  It became a crucial component of her health and wellness which instilled in her a desire to share that with others.  Her Yoga Teacher Training with Denise Druce’s Yoga Assets was a truly transformational experience and she is humbled and excited to be able to share the countless benefits that yoga has to offer with you!  She teaches a Vinyasa Flow style with an emphasis on practicing yoga in a way that honors your body.  Stacee also enjoys cycling and spending time with her husband and children in the outdoors and traveling.

Tim Lewis

our teachers - Tim Lewis

  • Timothy Lewis has studied Ayurveda and taught yoga since 2007. He received his training through the California College of Ayurveda and Flow Yoga in SLC. Tim teaches throughout the Salt Lake Valley area. He is the owner and health practitioner of Wasatch Ayurveda where he provides daily consultations and treatments.  Tim has created a community platform for wonderful teachers and students alike through the addition of his new studio, Yoga Upstairs. Tim has studied and had been practicing for many years many varied aspects of Vedic philosophy, including science of Vedic astrology, Mantra, Sansckrit, various forms of meditation, and ayurveda/yoga as a specialty. Timothy has an Ayurvedic Health Educator Certification, Pancha Karma therapies Certification, as well as a certification in making herbal medicines.