Vedic AstrologyPrinciples of Light – Vedic Astrology Workshop – Led by Timothy Lewis

Vedic Astrology, also called Jyotish, is the science of light that dates back thousands of years. More than just a personality diagnosis, this sacred form of astrology draws out the map to our consciousness, allowing us to gaze upon the pure reflection of our truest, deepest self. Through this lens you can focus on aspects of your life such as Dharma (rightful duty), Karma (present and past actions), and Moksha (liberation). Jyotish takes Yoga off the mat and into the pure awareness of all our different tendencies, quirks, and paths that we walk down. This is a beautiful way to deepen any spiritual or yogic practice, and to find resolution within yourself.

In this workshop, learn the basic archetypes and principles of this practice, and the how to’s of reading and understanding the astrocartography of your soul.¬†Previous knowledge of this subject is not required.

For this workshop, please have: Birth Place, Birth Date, and Birth Time (as accurate as possible) and a notebook.

Once enrolled, please email birth information (time, location, date) to: to receive your personal birth chart write up.

Workshop Enrollment – $50 || $35 if you’re a member

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