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Ayurvedic services and products, Vedic Astrology readings, handmade jewelry.

Here at Wasatch Ayurveda, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer you one of a kind services and products.

We offer a wide range of products including balms, salves, oils, medicated ghee, chai mix, smoking blends, and beauty/self care products.Everything in our shop is designed and then made by hand by us in our home!

Our Ayurvedic services are catered to your wants and wishes on your journey towards Swasthya (health). We offer consultations, Panchakarma cleansing packages, Svedna Steam Tent Therapies, Shirodhara Third Eye Bliss Treatments, Chakra Basti Therapies, and Marma Therapy.

Vedic Astrology birth chart readings are available in 60 or 90 minute time slots. With your consultation, there is the option to meet with Micha’ela for a jewelry recommendation and in-house purchase! Custom pieces are made using sterling silver or 14k gold and genuine gemstones.

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