Love Your Feet


The feet are composed of three arches – medial, lateral, and transverse – that form a structurally strong dome shape to support the weight and movements of the body. Cultivating healthy arches helps to maintain the integrity of the dome, therefore creating more stability in the foot and the potential for greater mobility in other muscles and joints of the body. In the Alignment Yoga class at Wasatch Ayurveda and Yoga, Carla frequently makes time for you to love your feet.

Some fantastic ways to improve foot heath include foot soaks, walking barefoot, nixing high heeled shoes, yoga, and massage. Fortunately, self-massage is feasible for this easily accessed body part.

Reflexology Foot Massage Technique

Apply 1-2 drops of your favorite oil to your hands and rub them together vigorously to warm up. Start by stroking the entire foot, covering it completely with oil. Work on each arch individually. Start with the transverse arch, which runs below your toes from the ball of your foot to just beneath your pinkie toe.

This center of this line corresponds to the solar plexus. By pressing firmly for a few seconds in the middle of this line while taking deep breaths, you can give yourself a gentle opening in your solar plexus.
Next, come the lateral longitudinal arch, which runs along the side of your foot from your pinkie toe down to the heel. This area corresponds with your spinal column. After massaging this arch to the point where it is warm, try placing one hand below the other, with the thumbs on the arch pointing at the pinkie. Use your thumbs to press the arch in opposite directions. This corresponds to a mild spinal twist.
Moving down the body, but across, the foot, we come to the medial longitudinal arch. This is what most people think of as the arch of their foot. This area corresponds to all of your inner organs, your stomach, bladder, intestines etc. Anything
that is in the squishy gut space of your proper body. This is also where most people experience the most tenderness, so be gentle as you massage this area. Light, pointed pressure or gentle circles around this arch can help move and stimulate their corresponding body parts.