Welcome to the Vedic Braid Blog, your connection to all that is.

Within this web of connectivity lives the three pillars of Vedic sciences and traditions: Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotisha. These sister sciences hold infinite archetypes within their individual natures that align with and support each other. Three is one of many sacred numbers, and we see the repetitive nature of trinities as we deepen our exploration and practices of these sciences.The strands of the Vedic Braid work with each other throughout all of the archetypes in our universe. We can recognize them in biology, physics, chemistry, religion, spirituality, philosophy, and culture. They depend on each other, and to practice one without the others leads to imbalances within all of our states of being. 

This blog is your resource and guide to the Vedic Braid of Life. Written within its pages are some of the best unkept secrets of the world. Read, study, and flourish in the light of knowledge and awareness, and spread that light wherever you go!