Ayurveda in Salt Lake City

Ayurveda is the traditional Eastern system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, asana, and daily routines to bring balance and harmony into the body, mind and spirit.

  • Ayurveda is a complimentary science of yoga, and is intended to be utilized in conjunction with all hatha yoga practices. Ayurveda supports yoga in the same way the roots and trunk of a tree support its branches and leaves as they reach into the heavens to gather Light.

    Ayurveda’s purpose is longevity of life – one brimming with health, joy, and vitality.

    It is beautifully told in the story of the churning of the ocean of milk that Dhanvantari emerged from the milk ocean with an elixir of immortality, or Amrita, along with the knowledge of Ayurveda as given to him by Brahma.

    It is difficult to say exactly how old Ayurveda is, as it was originally passed down orally from teacher to student but some guess it dates back to 5,000 BCE. There are three main Ayurvedic texts: Charaka Samhita for internal medicine, Sushruta Samhita for surgery, and Ashtanga Hrdayam, which is a summary written in poetic verse.

    There are no boundaries that contain these worldly concepts and ideologies. You will nd elements of Ayurveda across all regions of the world, regardless of culture or belief system. It is all encompassing, and forever existing as part of the inherent structure of life – hence “life science.”

    Ayurveda is drawing an awareness to your actions as they pertain to the harmonious (Sukkha) or disharmonious (Dukkha) relationships within yourself and with nature.

    samagraṃ duḥkhamāyattamavijñāne dvayāśrayam|

    sukhaṃ samagraṃ vijñāne vimale ca pratiṣṭhitam||84||

    idamevamudārārthamajñānāṃ na prakāśakam|

    śāstraṃ dṛṣṭipraṇaṣṭānāṃ yathaivādityamaṇḍalam||85||

    Every action you take leads you to experiencing the karmic consequences and sufferings of your choices. These actions lead towards greater awareness…and the evolution of your consciousness through the system of Ayurveda.

 Let us bring you back to natural balance –  herbal remedies, yogic philosophy, vedic astrology, and ancient wisdom are the tools of owner and Ayurvedic Practitioners Micha’ela Hori and  Timothy Lewis