Class Info

Open Practice

– Start your day right with a unique blend of meditation, breathing, chanting/mantra, asana, dance, martial arts, and/or any kind of movement or contemplation that wakes you up and inspires a day of creativity + productivity. Come for a led practice or share space with others while practicing on your own. Open to all levels.


– Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art form that is from the southern state of Kerala, India. It is the oldest form of martial art known to mankind, and is said to be so old that it has its origins in the Gods. Sweat, stabilize, and focus in this unique class that reaches for more than just the physical. Learn and practice ancient movements that connect you to your deepest roots, and understand the energetic aspects of the body how it relates to others and the Earth. Open to all levels. 

Primary Series Ashtanga

– Classical, led Ashtanga primary series. This is a series of 51 postures that is practiced sequentially following sun salutations, or Surya Namaskar A & B. The Primary Series is the first series of asanas in Ashtanga Yoga, with other series following as the practitioner advances. Primary Series is also known as Yoga Chikitsa, which translates to “yoga therapy.” With dedicated, consistent practice, this series purges toxicities and prepares the body for a deeper practice, both mental and physical. 90-min long. Available to most levels – practitioner should have some general knowledge of yoga to feel comfortable in this fast paced class.


– Begin your yoga practice with us! This class is slowly paced and gentle, with a strong emphasis on building solid foundations in balance and control. Learn the breakdown of essential postures all while strengthening the body and softening the mind. This is a good class to take if Primary Series is too difficult, or if the practitioner needs structured guidance. Any and all levels welcome.

AcroYoga Fundamentals

– Discover the feeling of flight in AcroYoga. This AcroYoga class is appropriate for all levels. A typical class includes solo & partner yoga, inversion training, and acrobatic flight. This practice will also help to build stability for partner therapeutics, an excellent pairing to an acrobatic practice. All experience levels welcome! Bring a friend or come on your own!

Balance & Core

– This class will work with specific asanas to cultivate your core and promote better balance in your life. Various tools will be utilized to enhance and explore the depths of existing postures while working to expand your range of motion. We will be targeting the breath to create space and promote fresh oxygen exchange to those areas that are tight or have experienced injury. This class will aid in promoting optimal health as we live our lives.


– This is an all level Vinyasa class, inspired by the Ashtanga Primary Series. This class runs at a slower pace, taking the time to break down and go over essential postures and their modifications. Learn the basics of a vinyasa flow, and work on your core with every jump back! 90 min.

Alignment Yoga – All Levels

– Alignment Yoga is a form of hatha yoga that offers a modern approach to the ancient practice of yoga with insightful adaptations to fit present-day experiences. It is based on extensive knowledge of anatomy and aims to provide individuals with the skills to develop stability, strength, and flexibility as well as bring enhanced mindfulness not only to our mats but also in other daily activities. Alignment Yoga is accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and can enrich, complement and/or integrate into any lifestyle. This class is open to all and is particularly wonderful for anyone looking to start or maintain a home practice.


– Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan combines kriyas, meditation, pranayama and mantra. It is referred to as the yoga of awareness and mother of all yoga because it includes all yoga within it. Kundalini is the flow of energy and consciousness that exists within each of us and enables us to merge our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. Kundalini Yoga allows our fullest potential to flower and has the power to unleash and unlock barriers within ourselves that no longer serve us.

Heart & Hips

– Influenced by Ashtanga, this class primarily focuses on opening the hips and heart. Expect a moderately paced class, with emphasis on backbending. A perfect way to deepen any yoga practice. Level 1-2

Align & Shine

– This Vinyasa class is a creative flow style that will be different every time. There is detailed teaching involved, a variety of holding movements that will work on the bodies heart, mind, strength, and stretch. The class is designed to progress your yoga and bring your body into better alignment. This class is great for people who want to try new things and/or deepen any other physical practice.


– Deepen your practice by slowing it down. Let’s relax a bit and unwind with our breath, allowing tension and stress to release and the mind to settle. This class is perfect for anyone who needs to take some more time for themselves, and spend a few extra moments in stillness. We take fewer asanas, holding each posture for longer and letting the breath do most of the adjusting. Bolsters, straps, blocks, and soft wool blankets support your body and help you release those muscles into a deep state of bliss. Learn a bit of self massage, and don’t feel bad if you end up falling asleep in savasana!

Vedic Studyhall

– Learn about sacred vedic texts (sruti), astrology (Jyotish), sanskrit, underlying Hinduism ideology, and much more! Laid-back, food and drink are always welcome and encouraged to be shared. This class also hosts our monthly, WAYU yoga potlucks. Keep updated with the schedule to make it to the next one!

AcroYoga Therapeutics

– Partner Therapeutics includes solo and partner yoga, and Thai yoga massage on the ground and in the air. Excellent for beginning and seasoned acroyogis alike, and anyone looking to build a therapeutic partner practice. Come on your own or bring a friend!