The 7 Dhatus (Bodily Tissues): Ayurveda states that there are 7 primary bodily tissues:

  • Rasa: Plasma
  • Rakta: Blood
  • Mamsa: Muscle
  • Meda: Fat
  • Asthi: Bone
  • Majja: Nervous Tissue
  • Shukra & Arthava: Male & Female Reproductive Tissues

To put it simply, once we’ve digested and processed our food, the nutrient rich “juice” of that digested food (called Ahara Rasa) begins to travel through each of the 7 tissues, nourishing them in successive order – beginning at Rasa and ending in the reproductive tissues, Shukra (male) and Arthava (female).

As the Ahara Rasa moves along, each successive dhatu gets a bit more demanding, making it harder to nourish than the previous dhatu. This means that Rasa dhatu is the easiest tissue to nourish, while Shukra and Arthava dhatus are the deepest, and most difficult to receive nourishment.

It is through practicing the Three Pillars of Ayurveda that we can easily and successfully bring nourishment to all 7 tissues of the body, with the understanding that each tissue has the proper Agni (transformative essence) to process said nourishment.

Once the deepest layers of tissues have been nourished, the final product of Ojas is produced – bringing vitality and wellbeing to our bodies and minds.

The 7 Dhatus

© Dr. Vasant Lad