Elements of a Chart: These are the basic elements of any astrological chart. To understand your planets and where and how they presented themselves in the sky when you were born, schedule a consultation with us! We are more than happy to not only read your chart, but educate you so that you can interpret your planets and how they are currently being influenced. Our sessions are informative and leave you with tools of understanding and progress.

Northern Indian Astrology Chart 

The 9 Grahas (Planets)

Surya (The Sun): Our character and soul

Chandra (The Moon): Our mind, emotions, and psyche

Buddha (Mercury): Our intelligence

Shukra (Venus): Our sensory pleasures

Mangala (Mars): Our action and pursuits

Guru (Jupiter): Our beliefs, teachers, learning

Shani (Saturn): Our boundaries, obstacles, containment

Rahu (The Northern Node): Our obsessions and delusions within this material world

Ketu (The Southern Node): Our detachments and spiritual evolution

The 12 Rasis (Signs)

Aries: Focuses on the Self, initiative, getting things done, birth, moving forward.

Taurus: Focuses on the material environment, finances, possessions, land.

Gemini: Focuses on communication, versatility, and intellect through communication.

Cancer: Focuses on emotions, nurturing, connection, family, and being a mother.

Leo: Focuses on power, leadership, masculinity, loyalty.

Virgo: Focuses on organization, perfection via purification, reality, details.

Libra: Focuses on balance, relationship, harmony, friendships

Scorpio: Focuses on the unknown, deep emotions, intuition, secrets

Sagittarius: Focuses on beliefs, ideals, morals, teachings

Capricorn: Focuses on work ethic, prosperity, security, practicality.

Aquarius: Focuses on community, Utopia, sociality, humanitarianism

Pisces: Focuses on liberation, enlightenment, mysticism, philosophy, inspiration  

The 12 Bhavas (Houses)

First House: House of the Self

Second House: House of food, wealth, material things

Third House: House of communication and siblings

Fourth House: House of the Mother and happiness

Fifth House: House of children and purposeful creation

Sixth House: House of health

Seventh House: House of relationships

Eighth House: House of death and longevity; transformation through karma

Ninth House: House of Dharma, higher education, and beliefs

Tenth House: House of career and life work

Eleventh House: House of gains, higher visions and life goals

Twelfth House: House of liberation, losses, and higher awareness