Medicated Ghee

What’s better than Ghee? Medicated Ghee! Medicated Ghee is a great way to incorporate your daily ghee and herb intake in a way that’s going to be the most nourishing to your tissues. What’s even better, is that you can make it yourself at home in a few easy steps.

Infusing ghee with herbal formulas is one of the loveliest components to Ayurvedic Health. Unlike other complementary health modalities which require gag-inducing administrations of unpalatable herbs, an herbally infused ghee is a pleasant experience for most. Getting intimate with the process of creating your own medicine is vital for propelling a self-empowered healthcare regimen. Making your own ghee is a powerful meditation but is also very time consuming. If you don’t have a few days to hang out and watch your stove, or if you have an electric stove, please take advantage of our custom medicated ghee blends.

What You Need

Yield: 1 quart

  • 6 oz of herbs
  • 4 lbs butter
  • 1.5 Gallons of distilled water
  • Mesh strainer
  • Cheese cloth and rubberband
  • Jar for Storing
  • Flame to cook on
  • Large stainless steel or ceramic cooking vessel. No teflon!

4 pounds of butter will yield a little more than a quart of medicated ghee. Not only is quite a bit of butter discarded in the clarification process but the herbs will retain quite a bit of butter as well when they are strained.

What You Need To Do


Make your Ghee. We use 4lbs of butter for these recipes.


In a large pot (copper or ceramic is ideal), add your herbs and ll the pot about 3⁄4 of the way full with fresh water. Put the pot over a low ame, and watch for a simmer. Allow the herbs to simmer in the water for about an hour. (This ensures that the herbs absorb the maximum amount of water, which keeps the ghee from absorbing and gives you the maximum yield).


Add your ghee! (I like to run my jar of ghee underneath warm water so that it melts and I can get all of it out of the jar easily).


Keep a low simmer in your pot for 2-3 days. Continue to add water to the pot as
needed. You want to keep a consistent eye on your medicated ghee as it cooks. It’s easy to forget about it and then it ends up burning because all the water cooks out. If you leave your house for more than a few hours, just turn the stove o and cover the pot with a lid. You can always resume cooking when you return.


Once the medicated ghee has cooked for long enough, and all the water is evaporated, strain your ghee with cheesecloth and store in an airtight jar. *Refrigeration is not needed

Medicated Digestive Ghee Herbs


4-parts fennel seed (3oz)

2-parts cumin seed (1.5oz)

1-part fresh ginger (.75oz)

1-part fresh turmeric (.75oz)

Ojas Building Ghee for Men


4-parts Ashwaganda (3oz)

2-parts Shatvari (1.5oz)

1-part Saw Palmetto (.75oz)

1-part fresh Turmeric (.75oz)

Ojas Building Ghee for Women


4-parts Shatvari (3oz)

2-parts Wild Yam (1.5oz)

1-part Ashwaganda (.75oz)

1-part fresh Turmeric (.75oz)

When Is My Medicated Ghee Finished?

It is best not to wait until every drop of water is evaporated out of the ghee. The heavy water settles below the ghee so it is easy to separate. You never want any of the water to end up in your finished product or your ghee will spoil. Ghee with no water in it however, just gets better with age, like honey.

When the water has evaporated out, you can strain it. Fasten the cheese cloth around a heat resistant jar with a rubber band. Carefully pour the ghee into the jar, taking care not to let any water into the jar. The water should be an obviously darker color, settled at the bottom of the cooking vessel.

**You can always strain twice. It is easier to handle the process if you strain the herb material out first, by pouring the ghee through a metal strainer into a mixing bowl or another pot. Then, you go through the cheese cloth straining process in the paragraph above.