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An Ayurvedic Consultation is a process of discovery for the practitioner and the patient. Many aspects of your current and past histories will be reviewed in order to understand your individual constitution, and what tendencies may arise from it. We will discuss and explore things like lifestyle choices, diet, medical history, etc. and use this knowledge to help bring you back into balance with Nature and ultimately, with yourself.

The Initial Consultation is a combination of two appointments intended to set you up for a successful Ayurvedic start. The initial 120 min session consists of gathering as much information as possible in order to determine the best possible course to take towards greater harmony. This appointment includes pulse diagnosis, tongue & eye examination, a review of past and present medical history, family medical history, etc. This is also a time when we can talk about what Ayurvedic principles are and answer any questions you might have to help understand what the process of your journey will look like.

After this information has been gathered, a very specific step by step plan will be carefully developed and given to you – one that will best support you on your journey towards optimal health. The second appointment – a Report of Findings – will discuss your individual case and needs, and will include lifestyle, herbal, and dietary recommendations for your unique constitution. The Report of Findings is 60 minutes. 


Wasatch Ayurveda also offers single, 90 minute Ayurvedic consulting sessions. These appointments are individually catered to your needs and wishes. Ayurvedic consulting can consist of a lot of different things, from learning the basics to developing a specific path designed to ease your doshic imbalances.